What People Say About Us

Quentin has the rare and unusual talent of understanding both the business world and the technology world. While at Jardine Fleming, he developed a number of innovative and visionary solutions that helped to lift our business to a new level. He has initiative and drive but is also a great team player.

John Donald

Jardine Fleming

I worked very closely with Quentin on a leadership programme to help develop senior IT managers who worked under me in Russia. The most important element was understanding how to adapt one’s leadership style to maximize effectiveness in a cross-cultural environment. Quentin’s understanding and experience of the culture of the financial industry and how it operates around the world, as well as his depth of academic knowledge and ability to apply it in ‘real world’ scenarios were critical to the program’s success. Blending structured training and exercises with 1-1 coaching, Quentin produced a program that got quickly to the heart of the matter and equipped my management team with the skills and (just as importantly) confidence they needed to be successful in a very challenging environment. The fact that he also did this with a clear personal passion and always with a jolly sense of humour should not go overlooked. I strongly recommend him as a trusted expert in his field.

William Cunningham

Deutsche Bank

In our project to integrate research and trading, your industry expertise and confident thinking have been invaluable in moving us from initial concept to implementation. Your contribution helped our internal team overcome longstanding obstacles and provided the clarity and structure we needed to accelerate our efforts.

Susan Walton

Instinet / Nomura

In 2009, my team faced a challenge: we grew very fast; our relationship with a major client was expanding exponentially and diversifying. My team members were all solid IT professionals who could deliver, but relationship management, especially in an international environment, was not the strongest point—and establishing sound relationships was the key success factor. We hired Quentin to coach account directors on integrating with the culture of a global investment bank. As for the results of the program, we grew the account, strengthened key relationships, and establish new ones – Quentin’s 6 clients were the driving force behind this success.

Pavel Khristolubov


Quentin is by far the most inspirational manager I had at UBS. Both as a mentor and a sponsor he enabled me to reach my full potential within the role without ever micro-managing. His leadership paved the way for the transformation of our global department and the introduction of highly innovative client products, such as the winner of the Extel Survey #1 Brokerage Firm Web Site. I, along with many of my colleagues, would consider it a pleasure to work with him again.

Alex Bradshaw


[Quentin] had that rare ability to understand technical and process issues and communicate them clearly and concisely to people who did not. Also a very good people person who understood his colleagues’ real needs and worked hard to ensure that the organisation satisfied them.

Ranjan Pal

Jardine Fleming

Quentin’s session on Personal Impact which he delivered as part of our personal and professional development programme was first rate. He expertly deconstructed complex subjects making them simple and easy to digest. I look forward to having him back next year.

James Jones

D Group

Quentin has been fathoming the ethical depths and culture of the ‘300 trained killers’ (as the Chelsea Pensioners have described themselves) here at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. We have been here looking after retired veteran soldiers for 325 years in Sir Christopher Wren’s beautifully designed building within 66 acres of grounds. Our operations have been constantly adapting to changes in the external environment, but recently that change has accelerated. Quentin has been helping us to explore our heritage, the values that support it, and is helping us to adapt to present and future conditions. His practical, intelligent, and sensitive approach builds on an appreciation of the positive aspects of our culture, then gently shows us new fruitful directions, and shares his learning from other sectors. His assistance has been invaluable in enabling the accelerated evolution we need while honouring our tradition, so we are prepared for the next 300 years. It is tough audience here, but I guess we would give him a standing ovation.

Gary Lashko

Chief Executive Officer, Royal Hospital Chelsea

I did want to let you know how delighted we have been with Quentin as our consultant. He has been exceptional – a perfect blend of knowledgeable, consultative, inspirational, challenging and the ability to give us all a bit of a push when we need it! We have been really delighted with his approach.

Moira Brown

Paywizard, via Culture Consultancy

Quentin was recruited to turn around and lead a US$20m-plus product enhancement initiative, as the “go-to” executive for Heads of Research and the CTO. Quentin rapidly assessed the organizational, interpersonal and technological challenges faced by this global team and led the efforts to enable this team. Challenged by economic downturns and fiercely competitive activity, Quentin persevered and led the team toward higher levels of efficiency. It was a delight to work with him on this project. The outstanding feature of Quentin is his ability to simplify complex information and articulate this into actionable intelligence.

Tom Diamante

Merrill Lynch

Working with Quentin as an executive coach proved to be incredibly insightful. With a patient ear and a few well placed questions, he has an uncanny knack of being able to succinctly summarise complex interpersonal challenges in ways that helped me more fully understand myself, and make meaningful change.

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Quentin is an excellent Business Analyst, Project Manager and leader. His communication skills are top notch and he is able to lead large teams on significant global projects.

Peter Cook


I have known Quentin since 1995, initially when he was the Global Head of Research Solutions at the Flemings Group, Asia’s #1 brokerage at the time. By securing the Flemings Group as a client, it would have quickly been the end game for our competition — and they knew this well. As an astute professional in the research / financial services industry, Quentin saw an opportunity to change the scale of our services and the sector in general. From a Hong Kong / Asia base, he was instrumental in globalizing what had been a set of regional services. He engaged with the global brokerage community and related third parties, and championed the business and commercial interests of sell-side research firms and their clients. I found Quentin to be engaging, intelligent, and creative. Over a 2+ year negotiation process, I came to highly respect Quentin, and greatly enjoyed working with him. (And I haven’t encountered a more challenging client since!)

Andrew Miller

Thomson Reuters

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