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Company Values Bold Colourful Unique

Company Values: Be Colourful, Bold, Unique

Commonplace values such as integrity, service and innovation show mediocre ambitions. Aspire to a grand purpose? Champion values that are colourful, bold and unique. Once a company has clarified its purpose and agreed its mission, the next step is to work out how to...
Leadership Obsession

Our Obsession with the Lycra-Clad Thighs of Leadership

Our preoccupation with leadership harms employee engagement and business outcomes. Recognise leadership for its capacity to steer, but not drive, the organisation. As a culture we privilege ‘leadership’ over ‘doing the work’. Graduates scramble toward management as...
40 Hours Work

Why 40 Hours’ Work Makes Only 20 Hours’ Difference

People often feel, even when they work hard, that their efforts have little impact. Poor ‘strategic alignment’ – when day-to-day practice falls out of step with what the business needs – makes work an uphill struggle. I enjoy supper with Charlotte. She rarely objects...
Cooperation Culture Versus Bureaucracy

Ditch Red Tape for Better Cooperation

Cooperation, the first problem for every CEO. Where the red tape of bureaucracy fails, culture is a powerful way to engage people and align work with your business purpose. How do you get people to work together? This is the first problem for every CEO. Whatever your...