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In Fine Company

In Fine Company is a private ideas, conversation, and networking forum. It is designed for senior managers who are curious to hear – and talk about – ways to make business more sustainable.


The ethos of the forum emerged during round-table breakfasts we hosted in 2019 for people from well-known multinationals. We curate good ideas beyond the free-for-all of social media; and host fruitful conversations away from the din of the office.

For members, In Fine Company is a source of relevant, imaginative views on sustainable business; a chance to explore strategy and practice with peers from diverse industries; and a way to build relationships with thoughtful people who can be trusted with real conversations.

In practice

We e-mail worthwhile articles – our own or from credible outside sources – on sustainable business, either to the whole forum or to individuals who we know will find value in a piece;

We invite members to online events, where we seek a good conversation without taking up everyone’s time; we also offer our Webex Teams Spaces to members who want to chat further within a known, trusted group;

We host breakfast / cocktail / dinner events so members can (after lockdown) meet peers from other industries; expert speakers may help bring the dialogue to life; the Chatham House Rule generally applies.


Members are invited. In diverse roles, Executive Members are senior managers within a listed company or significant private firm who are striving to make their businesses more sustainable.

Specialist Members work outside the corporate world as authorities on topics such as climate change, technology, and leadership.

There is no charge for these individual memberships, although some events may incur a fee.

For Corporate Members, we also run an in-house version of In Fine Company. Our bespoke programmes enable senior managers to explore the tough questions their employees, customers, and shareholders are asking. Events are a rare chance to have fruitful conversations away from day-to-day pressures.

Find out more

Please contact Quentin Millington to ask about joining In Fine Company; or if you would like to learn about the in-house forums we run for corporates.