Eclipse three stages

Our Value

Our work enables the senior team to lessen the risks of disruption and find new ways to create stakeholder value. We bring intelligence, direction, and structure to deliver outcomes at pace.


Our work is unashamedly geared toward business outcomes. We tackle disruption in two stages. First, we support the senior team to lessen risk and carry out an interim plan of action. When order returns, we enable the company to find ways to create lasting value. For an effective and timely response to disruption, how we work differs in each stage.

Gain command

In stage one, the aim is to put out any fires and then gain control of the ongoing situation. We avoid a knee-jerk reaction that limits options or puts the team on the back foot.

Our four-part framework for assessing risk and possibility allows swift and robust action.


Employees, customers, shareholders, and others.


Losses and gains in both revenue and cost.


Activity on which the business depends.


Public standing of company and executives.

Stakeholders’ best ideas and outside data inform our recommendations. The team quickly agrees a plan because we answer the questions that make people hesitate.

The intelligent and informed response lowers risk and increases confidence. It also serves as a building block for future plans.

Finally, disruption causes stress. With us as a sounding board, executives have more space and time to lead their people and the business.

Secure value

In stage two, we seek new ways to create value – economic, societal, and environmental – and build edge.

Our holistic method strengthens four cornerstones of good business.


Original research and industry analysis clear the way for a confident and ambitious strategy to master disruption.

Bold questions help the team navigate dilemmas, conquer doubt, and find possibility. Agreement comes quickly.


New leadership standards urge managers to ‘stand for’ value beyond the P&L, as we coach people to acquire skills and conviction.


Culture and day-to-day work align with stakeholder needs; systems and processes make work on disruption easier.



Throughout, dialogue with stakeholders allows the company to learn, inform, and reassure; and lobby for good ideas.


We bring intelligence, direction, and structure – for competitive edge that lasts.


Performance, well-being, and trust are maintained in the face of disruption.


Capacity to respond quickly with all hands on deck insures against future risk.


The company routinely creates new value for people, the planet, and the bottom line.

Our skills

Our insight and methods allow a robust answer to industry disruption. As trusted advisers, we bring intelligence and know-how to deliver strong outcomes at pace.

Unravel complexity

With imagination, interpret industry trends and reconcile diverse stakeholder needs.

Find what matters

Reveal the unalloyed expectations of employees, customers, shareholders, and others.

Question thinking

Challenge the status quo, seeking a view of the future unconstrained by the past.

Talk in plain English

Speak with common sense, direct attention to key questions, and push for clear outcomes.

Secure agreement

Respectful of personal agendas, cut through office politics to secure commitment to action.

Move at pace

Deploy proven structure to get around logjams, allowing teams to act with confidence.

A way forward

To master disruption is complex: where to begin is rarely clear. Our ready-to-go products allow a company to make inroads on the challenge with just a small investment of time.