Our Value

Every company gives to, and takes from, the social and natural environments where it operates. Rapid change in these ecosystems renders strategies that were once good now ineffective or even undesirable.

Businesses that thrive into the future will overcome new social and ecological realities to help people lead better lives.

We create a space for executive teams to reimagine the value their company creates, and align better with society’s evolving demands.

Our work yields value you can see.

Insight into stakeholder demands

Original research gives a succinct, impartial account of the value that customers, employees, shareholders and others see in, and expect from, the business. Fresh data and insights make for confident thinking and strong outcomes.

Robust awareness of opportunity

We foster across the executive team a shared understanding of relevant ecological and social factors and risks, to encourage urgency and elevate confidence in a strategy for broader value.

Strategic business imperatives

Informed by stakeholder demands, risks and opportunities, we guide the executive team to set out a handful of strategic imperatives, offering a new standard for everyday decisions, investments and work practice.

Commitment from the top

Crucially, we navigate through conflicting interests to secure agreement at senior levels, to overcome resistance and ensure unified communication and confident action across the firm.

Brand communication refresh

As a company seeks new value, the brand may need to refresh its positioning, to advance consumer awareness, government policy (where appropriate) and the growth of the sustainable markets it aims to serve.

Senior commitment also brings lower cost, better engagement and easier cooperation.

Our priority is the deliberate commitment of executives to a strategy for value beyond shareholder return.

Alongside strategic benefits, such commitment makes for effective and agile work practice. This reduces longstanding organisational headaches.

For example, political agendas within departments are less likely to derail worthy initiatives. Budget frees up for good ideas. Money is not wasted on pet projects.

As the company pursues agreed imperatives, people will see value beyond money (which they themselves may never enjoy) and employee engagement rises.

With a shared and relevant mission, and fewer distractions, cooperation across teams becomes easier.

Companies that reimagine the value they create will secure a place in a tough economy, allowing their executive teams to leave a legacy of well-being and prosperity.