Our Value

Every company gives to, and takes from, the social and natural environments where it operates. Rapid change in these ecosystems renders strategies that were once good now ineffective or even undesirable.

Businesses that thrive into the future will overcome new realities to deliver imaginative value.

We create a space for executive teams to align business strategy and day-to-day practice with society’s evolving demands.

Our work yields value you can see.

Insight into stakeholder demands

Original research gives an impartial account of the expectations of customers, employees, shareholders and others. Fresh data and insights make for stronger thinking and better outcomes.

Clear view of risks and possibilities

The executive team forms a shared understanding of environmental pressures and novel ways to create value. This encourages urgency and also confidence in an imaginative business strategy.

Agreement on strategic priorities

We set out the business case, guiding the executive team to commit to a handful of strategic imperatives. These offer a new standard for future decisions, investments and work.

Commitment from the top

Crucially, we reveal and navigate through conflicting interests to secure agreement at senior levels. Unified messages and action overcome resistance across the organisation.

More effective organisation

Unanimous commitment from the senior team reduces familiar headaches: departmental silos, political agendas, money spent on irrelevant projects and threats to employee engagement.

Strategy for brand communications

As the company gains confidence in what it now stands for, the brand can be updated to enable it to engage investors, customers and employees in its mission to develop new markets.

Companies that reimagine the value they create will secure a place in a tough economy, allowing their executive teams to leave a legacy of well-being and prosperity.

Good next steps

This complex challenge will not yield to traditional, laborious strategic planning. So we designed a few simple tactics to move the internal conversation forward.