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Each of these standalone projects is a step toward mastery of disruption. We customise our existing frameworks, to reduce calls on your time and to deliver results at pace.

This work also offers strategic value as part of any wider programmes in strategy, leadership, practice, and dialogue.

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Emerging Expectations


Whilst employees, customers, and shareholders cannot answer every question about, say, disruptive technology, stakeholder needs (and whim) always shape the company’s fortunes.

In our Emerging Expectations Study we combine structured interviews, focus groups, and online surveys to understand what stakeholders expect from your company, or from the industry in general. Our work is impartial; we safeguard anonymity where required.

Our account highlights stakeholders’ unvoiced concerns as well as emerging expectations. We recommend action through our ‘imperatives’ for the senior team, which set out what the results mean for strategy, leadership, practice, and dialogue.

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Dialogue Excellence


Dialogue matters. Openness about what the firm is doing (and why) safeguards against the PR disasters that capsize brands and careers. Likewise, when the company understands the thinking and worries of stakeholders it can develop a more powerful, faster response to disruption.

Our Dialogue Excellence Audit examines your company’s messaging with stakeholders. We look at how well the business uses outbound communications, and also the calibre of its listening.

Through surveys, interviews, and document analysis we audit the content and process of recent exchanges. Our report offers straightforward recommendations to enhance the quality of conversations with employees, customers, and others.

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Culture Fitness


Whereas strategy is the aim of a business, culture is work in practice. A company gains sure command of disruption only when its culture rewards open dialogue, team learning, individual accountability, and diverse value.

The Culture Fitness Assessment reveals how well your corporate culture enables or hinders responses to disruption. We look at questions that experience tells us are relevant if a company is to lessen risk and speed up change.

Through interviews, focus groups, and surveys we understand how the business operates in practice. We examine the values that govern management decisions and day-to-day work. Impartial insights guide our recommendations. The assessment feeds strategy, and shows where new capability is needed most.

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Masterly Leadership

Executive Coaching

Disruption is hard to manage. To run a business is tough; to change a business, harder still. Alongside finance and operations headaches, leaders of disruption have to manage teams and sustain their own performance.

Our Masterly Leadership Executive Coaching is a one-to-one relationship with someone who to be effective must take command of industry changes. We act as a sounding board and structure the conversation to work through complex business, organisation, and relationship questions.

The programme runs in confidence, typically organised around one in-person or online meeting every three weeks. We support and challenge our client to achieve business goals and at the same time develop leadership capability.

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Management Strength


Department heads and team managers shoulder the day-to-day burden. The most effective learn how they – as individuals and through their teams – can assert control and turn disruption to their advantage.

Our Management Strength Workshop is a chance for managers to see where disruption emerges, and how it plays out within the company. We set the scene with cases of economic, societal, environmental, and technology-led shifts. We then invite managers to consider your business and their own teams.

Through our framework, attendees see how disruption affects day-to-day work, and also its psychological impact on people. They learn resilient management practices and find ways to support their team members.

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Disruption 1.0


Every employee has a role in mastering disruption for long-term value. With all hands on deck the company’s response will be both quicker and better.

Our Disruption 1.0 Seminars are a chance for people from any department and at any level to understand how disruption works, and how your company can best respond. We may tailor the content around feedback we gather from attendees via a questionnaire completed in advance. Sessions last about two hours.

The seminars cover various topics – risks to stakeholders, finances, operations, and reputation; meaning for strategy, leadership, practice, and dialogue. We can tailor content to the disruption you face today, to help your people answer the questions that matter most.

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