Unlock Sustainable Ideas

You are keen to make your business more sustainable. But work is busy, peers are distracted, and the organisation moves slowly.


A bespoke yet structured experience, Unlock Sustainable Ideas is a one-to-one consulting relationship.

We help you research your ideas, flesh out the business case, then gain commitment for your plan.

For executives and senior managers, we challenge you to move from concept to action within three to four months.

Our aim is enabling you to introduce a sustainable idea without being caught up in a large, complex initiative. (At least for a while.)


Society’s demands of business are a tough, moving target.

This programme helps leaders respond with confidence.

To be ‘sustainable’, to thrive into the future, a business today has to pursue three ambitions in an ethical manner:

Generate wealth;
Reduce warming;
Enhance society.

These questions are complex. Demands for current products and near-term profit can bind companies to outdated strategies.

Many people find that ‘the day-job’ leaves little room for fresh thinking, or innovative action.

All in all, change is hard and often slow.


Our resources equip you to move from ‘we really should be doing this’ to clear action.

One-to-One Consulting

One-to-one (team members as needed), confidential, 3 to 4 hours per month.

Expert Perspectives

Fresh, competitive insights from members of our diverse and qualified network.

Commitment Workshop

A half-day workshop where senior managers examine how to achieve your ambitions.

Peer Learning

Chatham House breakfast / dinner events with peers and expert speakers.


Unlock is a space to step back and clarify ideas for more sustainable business.

Our approach covers all important angles and ensures you meet your own (we trust ambitious) deadlines.

Novel perspectives from outside experts strengthen your team’s position.

The workshop helps you inspire colleagues, gain support, and advance your plans.

Private events allow you to share experiences with peers from other companies.


For each participant in the Unlock Sustainable Ideas programme, Marble Brook will donate 10% of fees earned to charity.

Our charity for this work is nurtureuk.

nurtureuk is a national organisation supporting the mental health and well-being of children and young people in education.

The charity develops and maintains nurturing interventions through training education professionals and providing consultancy support in schools.

Our clients may suggest other charities. Donations are made through Work for Good.

Any questions

Contact us to talk about how Unlock might be useful to you or your colleagues.