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Recovering from the disruption of COVID

July 2020

Who stole my antibodies? | No jobs on a dead planet | SDGs doing more harm than good | Hope is not a plan | Social media band-wagon to nowhere.

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Readers’ comments


Really like the writing style in this mail. I found myself at the end of a reasonably long email without having thought “how much more of this is there?”. Reads really well and there’s plenty of hooks to investigate further.


Your newsletter was really good! Loved the descriptions at the beginning. It had a really nice natural, personal style.


As always, lots to conjure with. I especially related to the “Earth versus economy” section. I have forwarded to my daughter who is a big advocate of the circular economy.


That was spectacular. Will this content be on your website? It really is great stuff.


I liked this. Very nice read. Informative. Optimistic.


Thanks Q. Good read while on holiday. Very interesting and thought provoking article.


Thank you Quentin. I greatly enjoyed this, so refreshing.

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Making sustainable business a reality

February 2020

What ‘sustainability’ means | Is growth even possible within Nature’s limits? | New technology, old thinking | A new job for the CEO | Freud on capitalist globalisation.

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Clouds behind iceberg

Climate versus business as usual

January 2020

Who’s Greta Thunberg? | Ignore climate, go bust | Michigan’s automobile wars | Runaway train of shareholder value | Beyond greenwashing | Sex, not salad.

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